Tuesday, March 11, 2014

A Mermaid's Vanity

Let's face it, seamaidens. Mermaid/human marriages don't have the best success rate historically. All too often, the daily demands of being a mortal wife and/or mother are much too mundane for a mer. She is, after all, the ultimate glamour girl, and the pull of her old magical life in the depths of the mysterious sea is much too strong to resist--however much she may adore her human husband.

Still, a mer is always pleased by the simple gifts that show her love's willingness to make her happy and at home in her landlocked life. A little vanity in the shades of the far distant sea--used, of course, to primp with her pearls and lavish attention on her glorious tresses--is just one small way for a man to show his appreciation for the sacrifice his seamaiden has made for their love.

Vintage desk converted to Mermaid's Vanity. Painted by Benny B's Painting.

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